Period: March 12 (Fri.), 2021 – March 21 (Wed.), 2021 10a.m. – 6p.m. *Sundays and Public Holidays Excluded
Venue: HULS Gallery Tokyo (Akasaka)
Meet the Artist: Mar. 12 (Fri.) – 13 (Sat.) 10a.m. – 6p.m.

HULS Gallery Tokyo will hold a solo exhibition of a Japanese handmade jewelry brand “KOTENRA”, which projects a color landscape under the theme of “time and memory.”
Seiki Kotenra, who continues his creative activities under the name of KOTENRA, brings the image of abstract painting into the small world of his jewelry and produces various series of jewelry that are almost wearable art.
This is the first installation by the artist, who has created and brought up the world of vibrant colors of KOTENRA. We will welcome you in a space based on the concept of “nature” which is the main motif in his jewelry creation, and which is also indispensable to Japanese crafts. Cherishing small flowers around your feet and the passage of time, the world of KOTENRA will show its new dimension at this exhibition. We hope you will discover it here.
During this event, a special jewelry box handcrafted by a wood craft artist, Hiroaki Usui of Kuroda Kobo will be released. It was planned by HULS and the design was supervised by KOTENRA and will be showcased at the gallery, in addition to various KOTENRA jewelry including new items.

*Custom order event with the artist will be held on Mar. 12 (Fri.) and 13 (Sat.) for 4 customers a day.
Time: ①10:30〜12:00 ②13:00〜14:30 ③15:00〜16:30 ④16:30〜18:00
An advance reservation by email is required. Please contact the email address below.

– KOTENRA Profile –
Artist name: Kotenra Seiki
Born in 1983.
Founded “KOTENRA” brand in 2012.
Graduated from Seian University of Art and Design (Fine Arts Department, Painting Course).
Studied at De Mount Fort University Art foundation course in England as an exchange student for one year.
He creates jewelry with colors that are expressed through his experience of textile dyeing and painting.
In 2017 and 2018, his solo exhibitions were held at HULS Gallery Singapore and he actively participates in pop-up shops as KOTENRA across Japan and overseas.