1/Tempura of fig with raw ham and sage
2/Grilled saury with garland chrysanthemum genovese 
3/Japanese tiger prawn sushi in the shape of a chrysanthemum flower

For this course, I prepared three bite-sized appetizers made from seasonal ingredients – Tempura of fig with raw ham and sage, grilled saury with a garland of chrysanthemum Genovese, and Japanese tiger prawn sushi in the shape of a chrysanthemum flower.

1. The moist and soft texture of the figs matches the crispy tempura. Also, the saltiness of the ham and the refreshing taste of sage are tantalizing.

2. When it comes to Japanese autumn ingredients, saury is the most common one that comes to our minds. Therefore, I grilled the fatty saury and served it with the garland of chrysanthemum Genovese. The refreshing flavor of the garland chrysanthemum matches well with saury. Sardines or mackerel can be used instead of saury, and garland chrysanthemum can be replaced with your favorite herbs.

3. The bright red and white prawns are shaped like a chrysanthemum flower to make a small sushi. It will be a gorgeous dish, even in lunch boxes for the holiday season.


Ingredients (for 8 pieces)

・Fig・・・ 2
・Prosciutto crudo (Raw ham)・・・ 30 g
・Sage・・・Moderate amount
・Flour・・・ 50 g
・Ice water・・・ 50 cc
・Frying oil・・・As much as needed

1/Peel the figs, cut them vertically into 4 equal parts, and wrap them with sage and ham.
2/Combine the flour and ice water. Mix lightly to create the batter.
3/Coat “1” with “2” and deep-fry in 170 degree oil.

  • If you mix the tempura batter too much, it will be heavy when fried, so do not mix it too much.
  • If the fig’s peel is thin, you do not have to peel it off. It is easier to fry because figs with peel do not crumble easily.
  • All the ingredients can be eaten raw, so fry lightly in minimal time. Please note that if you fry it for too long, the figs will soften and crumble.


(amount for easy to make)

・Saury・・・ 1
・Garland chrysanthemum・・・1 bunch(about 170 g)
・Garlic・・・ 2 cloves
・Pine nuts・・・ 40 g
・Exv olive oil・・・ 100 ml
・Parmigiano reggiano・・・According to taste
・Salt to taste

・Garland chrysanthemum・・・For garnishing

Preparation: In an oven preheated to 170 degrees, spread the pine nuts on a vat tray and roast for 7 minutes, remove from heat, and let it cool.
1. Carefully wash the garland chrysanthemum and drain excess water. Roughly cut, and put it in a mixer. Add garlic, olive oil, pine nuts, and Parmigiano, then blend until smooth. Taste and adjust the saltiness.
2.Fillet (taking the bones and bowels away) the saury and cut it into bite-sized pieces. Then sprinkle with salt, and grill. (To grill the fish, use your favorite method, such as using a frying pan or a gridiron.)
3.Serve the sauce of “1” on the plate and place the grilled saury on top. Garnish with the leaves of garland chrysanthemum. And it’s done!

  • Note on the Genovese: if the amount of the garland chrysanthemum is small, it will be difficult to grind with a mixer, so it is better to make a larger amount. This sauce can be served with boiled pasta or used as a dressing. If it is not used up immediately, you can store it in the freezer.
  • When you cut the saury, it is good to consider the size according to the plate’s size before cutting.


Ingredients (for 8 pieces)

・Japanese tiger prawn・・・4
・Rice・・・1 go (about 150 g)
・Water・・・Same amount as rice[Sushi vinegar] (Make one day in advance)
 ・Rice vinegar・・・100 g
 ・Sugar・・・65 g
 ・Salt・・・15 g
 ・Kelp・・・5 cm square

・Boiled egg・・・1

1. Wash the rice, drain it with a colander, and leave it for about 30 minutes. Put the rice and the same amount of water in a pan and cook for 10 to 12 minutes.
2. When the rice is cooked, remove it from the heat and steam for 10 to 12 minutes without removing the lid. After steaming, move the rice to a sushi oke (wooden bowl for sushi rice). If you do not have it, use a large mixing bowl instead. Then sprinkle 40 to 45 cc of sushi vinegar and stir the rice in a chopping motion to mix evenly.
3. Remove the vein of the prawns and pierce them with a skewer or toothpick to keep the shape curled in. Boil some water in a pan, add some salt, and boil the prawns in medium heat for 2 minutes. Once cooked, strain with a colander and let it cool.
4. Remove the skewer of “3” and peel the prawns.Then cut them lengthways from the backside. Spread the food wrap and place the prawns with its stripes facing down to form a round shape. Put a small amount of the vinegared rice on it, squeeze the sushi with the food wrap, and shape it.
5. Remove the wrap and serve the sushi on a plate. Decorate the center with a finely chopped boiled egg yolk, and it’s done.

  • If you cook rice with a rice cooker, please cook in vinegared rice mode.
  • For convenience, you can take out the kelp from the sushi vinegar and store it in the refrigerator for up to a month. The amount of sushi vinegar to be used is 40 to 45 cc for 1 go (about 150 g) of rice, so please measure in advance when mixing with the cooked rice.
  • Boiled egg yolk for decoration can be chopped finely with a kitchen knife, but if you strain it by a strainer, the result will be more beautiful.

Crafts used for the meal


Area: Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture
Brand: KISEN

JPY13,000 (without Tax)

Long Square Slate Plate

Area: Arita, Saga Prefecture
Brand: Riso Porcelain
Material: Porcelain

JPY7,000 (without Tax)

Enpo Saryo

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