“Chakin-shibori” of Anno potato, Roquefort and walnut

The last dish is a dessert using Anno potatoes. Anno potatoes are harvested from the end of September to the end of November at “Tanega-Shima Island” located in the southern part of Kagoshima Prefecture. Anno potatoes have a stronger taste than other sweet potatoes and are characterized by a sticky texture when baked. This time, I made it simple without adding much sugar, taking advantage of its natural taste. I added blue cheese to enhance the potatoes’ sweetness, but other types of cheese are also suitable. You can also make this recipe with different kinds of sweet potatoes instead of Anno potatoes, so please try making when it’s in season. I chose these tablewares because the rust color on the edge of the plate and the calm matte color of the Houhin (small teapot) seem to complement the sweet potato skin color. When you choose vessels for a dish, choose ones containing colors similar to the ingredients, and it will look harmonized with the dish.


Ingredients (amount for easy to make)

・Anno potato・・・270 g (without skin)
・Roquefort (Blue cheese)・・・desired amount
・Walnuts・・・20 ~ 30 g
・Butter・・・15 g
・Sugar・・・desired amount
・Nip of salt

・Gold foil

Preparation: Roast the walnuts in a preheated oven at 170 degrees for 10 minutes. Once cooled, make them into small bite-sized pieces.
1. Wash the Anno potato well, wrap it in wet kitchen paper. Then wrap it in aluminum foil, and bake it in a 160-degrees oven for 90 minutes. (No preheating)
2. When “1” is baked, peel and mash while still hot.
3. Add butter, sugar, and salt to “2” and mix well.
4. Once “3” is cooled, add cut Roquefort cheese and walnuts, then wrap a moderate amount in a food wrap and squeeze. Serve it on a plate, garnish with gold foil, and it’s done!

  • Since each sweet potato has a different sweetness level, adjust the sweetness according to your preference.

Crafts used for the meal

Shinogi / Plate – Black line S

Area: Arita, Saga Prefecture

JPY3,000 (without Tax)

Rusty Lined Sake Cup (Deep)

Area: Arita, Saga Prefecture

JPY1,600 (without Tax)

Enpo Saryo

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