Selection – Tea bowls

Matcha wan, or tea bowls for the Japanese tea ceremony, are emblematic of the deep sense of nature that characterizes Japanese aesthetics.

Matcha bowls are simultaneously utensils as well as works of art that profoundly express and embody each artists’ sense of beauty, in ways that can be appreciated not just visually but through the experience of touch and texture as well.

We carefully select one-of-a-kind pieces created by popular ceramic artists in prestigious production areas such as Hagi, Karatsu and Mino. Each one is truly unique, and we hope that you will find one that speaks especially to you, and will give you years of pleasure as you immerse yourself in the aesthetic and pleasure of matcha.

Tea bowl artists

Ryotaro Kato, Nobuyuki Kimura, Katsunori Sawa, Takao Tahara, Eijiro Tokunaga, Syo Fujita, Taki Nakazato, Rui Mito, Makoto Yamaguchi

Shino Tea Bowl

志野 茶碗
RYOTARO KATO | Gifu Prefecture

Hikidashiguro Tea Bowl

引出黒 茶碗
RYOTARO KATO | Gifu Prefecture

Karatsu Nanban Tea Bowl

唐津南蛮 茶碗
TAKI NAKAZATO | Karatsu, Saga Prefecture

Karatsu Tea Bowl

唐津 茶碗
TAKI NAKAZATO | Karatsu, Saga Prefecture

Shigaraki Tea Bowl

信楽 茶碗
KATSUNORI SAWA | Shigaraki, Shiga Prefecture

Kuro Garatsu Tea Bowl

黒唐津 茶碗
RUI MITO | Karatsu, Saga Prefecture

Tetsuyo Tennmoku Bowl

鉄燿天目 茶碗
NOBUYUKI KIMURA | Kyoto Prefecture

Hagi Tea Bowl

萩 茶碗
TAKAO TAHARA | Hagi, Okayama Prefecture

Hanagasumi Matcha Wan

花霞 抹茶碗
EIJIRO TOKUNAGA | Arita, Saga Prefecture