24th (Thu) September – 15th October (Thu) 2020
10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. *Closed on Sundays and public holidays
Exhibition Venue: HULS Gallery Tokyo (Akasaka, Tokyo)

HULS Gallery Tokyo will hold the second exhibition of handcrafted work by Mr.Shinji Terauchi, the fourth-generation head of Riso Porcelain, a renowned Arita ware manufacturer. He creates tablewares that accentuate beautiful cuisines and is actively collaborating with numerous top chefs internationally.
In this exhibition, we are proud to showcase Mr.Terauchi’s new white and blue porcelain works, formed using a potter’s wheel and hand-painted by the artist himself. The highlight of the collection includes bowl-shaped vessels with rich expressions. The shapes of these vessels stretch wide, rising toward the edges. They are universal in style, suitable for both Japanese and Western dishes, and are easy to incorporate into daily use. During the exhibition, an exclusive table setting by Ms.Yumiko Sato will also be featured. She is a space coordinator whose styling emphasizes the grace of Arita porcelain. We hope you will enjoy the beautiful white and blue porcelain works by Mr.Terauchi.

Mr.Terauchi’s appearance at the gallery: 10th October (Sat)
Ms.Sato’s appearance at the gallery: 30th September (Wed) PM, 6th October (Tue) PM and 13th October (Tue) PM
*The schedule is subject to change.

-Showcased items are available for purchase. Kindly contact our gallery or approach any of our staff for more information.
– A gallery talk presented by Mr. Terauchi will start at 2:00 p.m. on 10th (Sat) October.
-We are also planning to hold online events during the exhibition period. Details will be announced on the gallery SNS or website once the schedule has been confirmed. So stay tuned!

<Shinji Terauchi Profile>
1962 Born in Arita, Saga Prefecture
1985 B.A. in Industrial, Interior and Craft Design at Musashino Art University
1988 Joined Riso Porcelain, Ltd. and undertook a study and reproduction of early Imari ware
2015 Awarded 1st Prize of Arita International Ceramics Competition (METI Minister Awards) and continues to win this prize year after year.

As the fourth-generation head of Riso Porcelain, he actively carries out collaborations with top international chefs while pursuing beautiful, classic, and contemporary forms with the inherited tradition and techniques of Arita ware.