This summer, HULS GALLERY TOKYO exposes a new sake cup selection. The various types of works such as ceramics, lacquerware, and glass which created by craft artists and manufacturers from all over Japan, are picked up and exhibited at our gallery. Whether for everyday use which suit the seasonal styles and dishes or for a special gift for your family and friends, it should be recommended for those who are looking for high-quality sake cups. Please feel free to drop by our gallery and enjoy lots of works that reflect the creator’s individuality.

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Akihiko Sugita (Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture)
Eijiro Tokunaga (Arita, Saga Prefecture)
Eiko Tanaka (Kaga, Ishikawa Prefecture)
Hideki Yamamoto (Takeo, Saga Prefecture)
Hiroshi Toyofuku (Bizen, Okayama Prefecture)
Katsunori Sawa (Shigaraki, Shiga Prefecture)
Kenta Nakazato (Karatsu, Saga Prefecture)
Nobuyuki Kimura (Kyoto Prefecture)
Ryosuke Ando(Seto, Aichi Prefecture)
Ryotaro Kato (Mino, Gifu Prefecture)
Shoichi Hatakenaka (Echizen, Fukui Prefecture)
Syo Fujita (Bizen, Okayama Prefecture)
Takao Tahara (Hagi, Yamaguchi Prefecture)
Taki Nakazato (Karatsu, Saga Prefecture)
*We are also exhibiting a large number of sake cups made by manufacturers and brands from all over Japan.